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‘Kutch Yuvak Sangh’ is one of the leading organizations which act as a bridge between Mumbai and Kutch. Since a very long time it is working constructively for developing various parts of Kutch and for supporting people of Kutchi community residing in Mumbai and in Kutch. Their main aim is to take along the overall development of the Kutchi community and to resolve the various issues relating to Kutch. On numerous occasions they had to fight, struggle and work hard to get the solutions related to the benefit of the community. Kutch Yuvak Sangh through its various humanitarian programs has given special and applauding share to the social, educational and cultural sectors of mankind.

It welcomes volunteer of any caste or religion or without any other bias or without any gender or age related differentiation and takes everyone along, such is the ‘Kutch Yuvak Sangh’ and it put them in the top and elite genre. All volunteers associated with the sangh work with full dedication, no selfish motive associated with, just fulfilling their responsibility towards society and shouldering the national responsibilities as well.

Sanstha’s main objective is to lay down the various benefits to people residing in pan India and especially in kutch. Some of the benefits are written below.
1. Water conservation activities
2. Environmental protection drives.
3. Bringing about improvement in educational field and spread value based education.
4. Medical relief activities.
5. Advancement of objects of general public utility and service without any profit motive.
6. Creating such mass development plans that raises the per capita income of the people.

To fulfill all such activities truthfully and to get the desired result is the main focus of Kutch Yuvak Sangh. Along with this to bring about the feeling of national integrity and patriotism in all the different sections of the people and to make them a responsible citizen is the aim Sanstha drives on. To keep each citizen always ready for human welfare related services is their main objective.
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Have a few extra hours to spare? Want to work towards a noble cause? Want to give back to the society? Be a Volunteer today. Not all hero’s wear caps, some work behind the scene as volunteers. Sign up today.


A few bucks from your pocket might just be your Sunday dinner, but imagine them being used for a noble cause. Every drop of water in the ocean counts, similarly every penny you donate for a cause counts.


One can live in and be blessed by multiple people even after death when their organs are donated to these people, who will have a new life. You can give back to the world even after death by donating your organs. Sign up for organ donation, NOW.


A few drops of blood out from your body would cause you no harm but it could save the life of someone else. If you are privileged enough to be able to donate blood, do your part towards humanity now. 1 pint of blood can save upto 3 lives. Donate blood, Save life. Every drop matters.

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